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How To Get Your Music On iTunes, Amazon & Emusic

Many rap artists still believe that they have to sit around and wait to be discovered by a record label in order to get a deal. Share this:

How To Book Shows As An Indie Rap Artist

In this day and age, everyone makes the assumption that you can find someone to do just about anything for you, from bringing you groceries to cleaning your clothes. Share this: ...

How To Get Paid Royalties From Your Music

Often you hear about musicians who haven’t recorded new material in decades living off of their royalties. They write one catchy song, and can cash in for the rest of their lives ...
Publicist manager

How To Get A Music Publicist To Represent You

We live in a day and age in which hip hop artists are able to do so much more on their own than ever before. They can be their own entire team, manager, booking agent, publicist, and ...

How To Get Paid When Your Music Is Used On Youtube

This is one of the cool things that has come out of the digitization of the music industry. You can now make money through YouTube! Every single time someone views one of your videos, ...

The Importane Of An Artist Bio

One of the most important ways a musician can help get the attention they want is by having a solid music artist biography. Usually an artist creates something called a one sheet, which ...
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