List of Hip Hop Podcasts

Yesterday I was explaining to an artist the different ways she can promote and market her music online, and the word Podcast came up. Share this:

Using Facebook To Promote Your Music Concert

Social media is clearly one of the most widely used methods of getting recognized. If done the right way, you can watch as your popularity rides the wave. As one of our previous articles ...

5 Ways Artists Can Have More Succeess With Social Media

There are many music artists who try to use social media to build fans and promote their music but can’t seem to have much success with doing so. Share this:

The Importance Of Music Article Writing

To all writers and non-writers out there, now is the time to start digging up those creative writing skills back. Share this:

Muisc Review Websites

I’ve seen many music careers get launched after getting a great review from a credible music magazine or music blog. Share this:

Mixtape Dj’s: How They Can Help Push Your Music Career

This article was mainly inspired by seeing some of the up and coming rappers struggle to get their mixtape exposure. In a previous article I mentioned that one of the ways to get massive ...
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