The Benefits of Having Your Own Artist Website

hiphop websiteA lot of music artists have had much success with social media profiles, and want to take their online presents to the next level by building their own artist website.The major problem the majority of artists have is that they don’t know how to go about building their own website. Some artists are even timid when it comes to creating their own website because they think they need to have web design skills to build one. This is far from the truth building your own website is very simple.

Now a days web companies have made it very easy for you to build your own site in about 15 minutes, by adding drag and drop features into a pre-designed web template of your choice. But we’ll get back to how you can go about designing your website later on in the article. What I want to address now is why it’s important for you to own your own website with your own domain name.
Having a social media page to showcase your music to others is great but having an artist website is needed; here are a few reasons why:

1) A Better Way To Brand Yourself

Owning your own website is definitely a better way to brand yourself. Remember that you’re not only a music artist but you’re a brand as well, and building up a brand is how people will identify with you and your music. A brand represents you, your ideals, your music and image. Without a brand you are just another plain old artist out there trying to do music. Owning your own website and adding your own content to it will allow you to brand yourself better than you can on a social media site, because a website is seen as a more intimate platform.
An artist uses their website to display more intimate or exclusive content than they would on a social media page, and this is branding at its best!

2) Allows You To Build An Email List

A lot of social media websites do not allow you to put up an opt-in box onto your pages. This can really hurt you as an artist because a lot of your money is going to be coming from your fan list.

In order to send out periodic messages of when you’re doing shows, or when you’re going on tour, or when your LP is going to be released, you need to build a list. Any website you build will allow you to place an opt-in form code into the pages or on the navigation bar on your music site so you can capture the names and email addresses of the visitors to your website.
There’s a saying in music marketing that “The follow up is in the gold” meaning that the money you have the potential to make is going to be on how well you follow up with the visitors to your website. I can personally tell you that I have made thousands of dollars from my email list, and still continue to do so. You can make a lot of money and bring a lot of awareness with your email list, and having a website with an opt-in form on it will allow you to do so.

3) More Control Over Your Own Content

All the social media websites dictate what type of content you can post because they are the owners and you are only a member. Also when you post any content on their site they have the right to do whatever they want with your content, some social media website’s “right to use” clause states that whatever content you post on their site is controlled and owned by them to a degree.
This is why I’m also careful what I post on social media sites. With your own website you have the freedom to post whatever content you want. You’re not limited in any way of expressing yourself through the content you create, and that’s what you want as an artist creative control and freedom!

4) Sell Your Own Merchandise

Selling your own merchandise on your own website is great because there is no 3rd party website like Itunes taking a percentage of your money. When selling merchandise on your website you only have to pay the person distributing your merchandise and there are a lot of companies that offer distribution services at a reasonable rate.
After you pay the distributor to ship the merchandise the rest of the cash is yours! Well that’s only if you’re an indie artist unsigned! Selling your own merchandise from your site is great because you get to set the merchandise price at whatever you want.

How Do I Go About Building A Website?

Well as I said earlier there are many companies that now make it extremely easy for you to build a website in a matter of a few minutes and they come with many pre-designed music templates. Below is a list of sites builder websites.

We also provide artist website design services. Our graphic design team can design a custom artist site for you. If you would like us to design your artist site, please Contact Us

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  1. VirginiaSlim says:

    First of all let me be the one to give kudos to a well written article. I believe that all artists and songwriters should have their OWN. Even if you aren’t capable of building a sophisticated website, you can take advantage of the tools that are floating around the web. Take the time to educate, read and learn how to become independent, you’ll be surprised at how far you get. I wrote an article on this topic, and it focuses a lot on the importance of branding yourself as a songwriter/artist.


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