How To Copyright Your Music Online

copyright_1musicsomgsIn our last post I talked about The Basics On Copyrighting Your Music Today I will briefly give you guidance on how to copyright your music.

For musicians, both up-and-coming and established, copyrighting their works is a top priority. This is important for the purpose of protecting the original works and receiving adequate compensation when their material is adapted or reworked by others. You have just written a great song. Maybe friends and family are impressed and you think you might have a number one hit song. The first thing to do is to protect legal rights to the song, and here is important information on how to copyright your music.

You will have some protection if you record the song. This can be done with any machine that can record sound. A computer and microphone will work, and this will not take long. Yet, this only gives you limited protection. If you want to be safe, a song must be copyrighted or patented.

You must submit an application to the United States Copyright Office It’s the best way to copyright your music online. You will also be able to print forms for mailing in the music you want to copyright.

So When you’re ready to copyrighting your music, there are three forms you can use as a songwriter. They are Form SR (Sound Recording) and Form PA (Performing Arts. Short version and long version.) Don’t get caught up in the two variations of the Form PA. The short version protects your music just as well as the long version.

Which Form Should Rap Artists Use?

Form PA And Short Form PA
Well as it says on their website “Any musical compositions and dramatic works that are recorded on disks or cassettes are works of the performing arts and should be registered on Form PA or Short Form PA.” So that’s simple and straight forward. For any track or dramatic work that you record on Cd or cassette are works of the performing arts, so register it by using the Form Pa or Short Form PA.

SR – Sound Recording As it says on their website “Use Form SR for registration of published or unpublished sound recordings, that is, for registration of the particular sounds or recorded performance.”

it goes on to say “Form SR must also be used if you wish to make one registration for both the sound recording and the underlying work (the musical composition, dramatic, or literary work). You may make a single registration only if the copyright claimant is the same for both the sound recording and the underlying work. In this case, the authorship statement in Space 2 should specify that the claim covers both works.”

Poor Man’s Copy

okay I haven’t seen anyone do this in a long time, but just because i haven’t see it done in a while, doesn’t mean people are not doing it. When we started off making music we heard of a copyright method called “The Poor Man’s Copy” This is where you record a song, place it in an envelope and mail it to yourself. We did that for years until we found out that this method is not a solid way to copyright your music. This method only puts a date and time stamp on the recording, it does nothing else. If you want a full proof way of copyrighting your music, be sure to follow the procedures listed above.


One last thing. Remember that you can always copyright your music through a Performing Rights Agency Read up on them some more to get the full scoop on their submission process.

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