How To Create More Fans!

Today’s topic is a very important one for up and coming artists because creating fans is something they need this in order to sell records, tickets to their shows, and merchandise.

Without fans your career won’t budge and you won’t get the opportunity for your music to be heard by millions of people around the world.

So how to you get fans? How does an artist go from nobody hearing his music, to thousands of people hearing his music and creating die-hard fans in the process? This article will outline the two most effective ways an artist can get his music heard by hundreds of people and turn them into fans.

Perform Until It Hurts!

There are absolutely dozens of ways you can create exposure for you music, but since the beginning of music itself the number one way to create fans is through performances.

Now, let me set the record straight, because this may seem obvious to most of you but the truth is studies show only 10% of up and coming artists actually take the time to call up a local venue and book shows for themselves to perform at.

This means that 90% of you think that you’ll get discovered by tweeting your music link to your Twitter followers. That is just insane! How many people do you know get discovered from social media? Let’s get real, if you want to create real fans and you’re a real artist, you have to get up from your little tiny computer and go out and perform! Go and let people see your face, let them see you perform live and experience your music up close and personal.

If people see you perform and like what they hear, they will spread the news about your music not only word of mouth but by social media as well. This is how it’s been working for years and that’s why it still remains the number one way to attract more fans, and oh, it also leads to many artists getting signed or working with music industry professionals. This is because A&R’s, music managers, music producers, and entertainment lawyers are always at performances looking for new clients, so bring you’re a game and perform with all your heart.

How To Book Shows

Booking shows is very easy to do. The simple version of this is that you have to find out which venues within your city you can perform at; every city has a few. Ask if you can perform on an “Open Mic Night” or on an amateur performance night. Always book a night where there are other amateur performances so you don’t have to pay.

The great thing about performing is that if the venue owner happens to be there and likes your performance, he will most likely grab your contact info and book you on a Talent Show Night where you will musically compete with other artists to win money or free studio time. Or he might book you on a night where he has invited music industry professional like record exects to see the new talent that he’s been showcasing every month. You never know.

Try to book more than one show; try to book a string of shows within your city and the surrounding states or provinces. This is how you effectively get your music out there. And if you perform enough times and people like it, they will come back for more, they will even travel to the nearby state you’re performing at just to see you.

And trust me you’ll know that you’re building a local following when people start rapping along with your song, every verse and every chorus until the song is finished!

The key here is to start small, you’re not a superstar as yet; you can’t start off big. Start off building a small following and then expand as your fan base expands. Also remember to bring your business cards, and promotional merchandise to hand out after each show. This is to take full advantage of your performance night.

What’s This I Hear About Youtube Exposure?

Earlier this month August 2012, billboard released a statement that 60% of people from the ages of 15-25 use Youtube as their number once source to find new music.

So for all you new artist out there that don’t have a music video or at least have a still picture video with your song over it on Youtube then you are missing out on exposing your music to thousands of people who could potentially turn into die hard fans. As an artist who wants to build a solid fan base you MUST take advantage of all valuable platforms that allow you to expose you music. Try performing and get you music on Youtube and within months you will see the difference in fan numbers.

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