How To Get A Music Publicist To Represent You

PR firmWe live in a day and age in which hip hop artists are able to do so much more on their own than ever before. They can be their own entire team, manager, booking agent, publicist, and producer.

But just because they can do it doesn’t necessarily mean that they should. Often times, artists are able to get a good amount of buzz and a solid enough fan base to perform at shows and sell a few albums, but usually it doesn’t go beyond having a local fan base.

To use social media as a spring board for your musical career is a great place to start, but it won’t help you get bigger; especially if you don’t know how to make the jump from a local artist to an international one.

This is where a Publicist comes in. Often people think that Publicists are the ones that will make you big and get you performing at the Grammys after a year. It doesn’t always work that way. A publicist’s role is to try and take your music to an international level. If they are unable to do that at least help you dramatically.

Publicists network for a living so they will often know people in different areas of the music industry. Publicist should have contacts to Radio Stations, major publications, venues, A&R’s, record labels media outlets etc. They will have a good idea of where they can market your music, and to who your demographics will be. Since you laid out the ground work it will be easy for them to run with the information you have provided. They will help you create press release information, and help set up interviews with different music media platforms. They can work injunction with other members of your team, but they will not be the sole team member handling everything. Publicists will help you get the word out about your music but there is still ground work you need to do.

It’s up to you to finish that album, do the artwork, set up the social media, get the word out to your fans that your music is dropping and that you’re going on tour. A publicist will help your audience grow through the press.

How do you know when it’s time to seek the services of a Publicist? Well, there are a few things that need to happen before a PR firm would take you on. Usually you need to have shown that you have a solid fan base, so all of those Twitter followers, Facebook friends and Instagram followers are a good sign. Real followers not fake ones! If you’re active and can sell out good size shows, it shows that there already is interest in your music. To attract a publicist or a PR firm those are the basics that they look at.. They can’t drum up interest in something that no one cares about. They use your already existing fan base as a point of reference to show that you are good at what you do. They also will require that you have at least a completed project under your belt, and if that has sold a few thousand copies you will look even more impressive to them.

All in all if you are out making good music, building a solid fan base, and selling music and tickets to your shows, you will attract a publicist in no time. if one doesn’t come to you you can go seek one out and be able to have them go out and work diligently on your behalf because you have clout. The more success you have on your own, the more weight you have in negotiating your terms between you and the publicist. Always remember you’re paying for results based on what you already bring to the table!

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