Is Kanye West Crazy or Passionate?

kanye-west-angel-grammy-2004-3Do ya’ll think that kanye West is crazy or is he so overly passionate about what he does it may come off as snobby? or cocky? Personally I don’t think that he’s crazy. I think that he voices his opinion no matter what, but he needs to realize that there is a time and place for everything.

I understand him when he says that corporations marginalize him. I even understand when he calls himself a God…aren’t we all though? It’s true he has a right to say that. Doesn’t it say in the bible that “Ye are all gods, but son’s of the most high?” Meaning that we are all smaller gods amongst the one Supreme God.

Heck I even understood when he ran up on Taylor Swift and snatch that award out her hands lol Believe it or not I did. Beyonce’s album was way better than that country white bread’s album, it’s true, and if you think not I’d advise you to go listen to B’s album again. But what Kanye West is doing now is just sad. First off I think Kanye is passionate and not crazy! As most people who don’t understand him may think. This man is passionate and he pours his heart out in every interview!

But what i find sad is that instead of using his passion constructively, he chooses to beg for acceptance by big corporations who run the fashion world. Begging them to accept his clothes, begging Nike to extend his contract, begging them to let him in. It just seems so pathetic now.

He says that we should hold him to a high standard and that we should look up to him, and that he’s a leader, great artist, and and inspiration to the youth, but how can he be all that if every time we see him now a days hes on his knees begging for acceptance by these major corporations. Begging in order to be accepted as a fashion designer.

Kanye needs to grab himself by his little ninja turtle briefs and man up lol. He has to learn that it’s okay to start from the bottom. It’s okay to start off small by selling $10 t-shirts and caps and slowly expand. And if he’s not okay with that, then he needs to learn how to go out and get capital from banks, loan institutes or business men in order to fund his dreams.

That’s it! It’s not really hard! Get off your knees Kanye you a grown ass man! Get up and show the world that you are as you say you are.. a great artist, fashion desire and dare I say…a god? Well A god is self reliant, can use his intelligence and resources to get what he wants, and doesn’t beg for anything! So why are you doing that for Mr. West?

It is possible to achieve what you want if you use that passion constructively instead of going on a rant! It is possible to be a successful producer and artist with a success clothing line on the runways of Paris. It is possible to do all this and earn millions of dollars while being well respected by your peers…oh yes it is possible….ask Pharrell…he’s really living out your dreams Kanye!!!!



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