Is The Illuminati Silencing Kanye West?

kanye-west-scuffles-with-pap768So if you have been following Kanye West for the past few months, which I’m sure we all have, you will have witnessed him going on rants and tirades. Which made us all ask is Kanye West Passionate Or Crazy?

He has chased down and gotten physical with a few paparazzi, dissed his long time friend and mentor Jay-Z, stopped in the middle of his performances to go on a rant, and most recently has been calling high end fashion design companies racist and say that they marginalized him. He’s mad at these fashion companies because they won’t give him a clothing line of his own, one in which he would have complete creative control over.

What most who are following Kanye don’t know is that he has had several chances to show top designers his fashion ideas and he’s blown it time and time again. He launched his fashion company Pastelle in 2006 but cancelled the line in 2009 without even producing or distributing anything!

Then he had two opportunities to showcase his most recent line DW by kanye West in Paris, and both times it flopped. Even after inviting top designer like Anna Wintour and Terry Richardson and Carine Roitfeld. Even Chanel Iman showed up to show support for Kanye, but the events were a flop.

The A-List celebrities, designers, and models cringed as his models walked down the runway. One person mentioned that “Models strode the catwalk in an odd array of bottom-exposing hotpants, massive fur collars and oversize structural zips.” Not a good look at all.

Kanye had several chances to prove himself yet he rants and raves that top fashion companies won’t let him come out with a clothing line under their branch. For the past two months Kanye made some insulting remarks towards Nike and other top tier clothing brands that people say are connected to the Illuminati, and that they have decided to quit an end to Kanye’s insults buy shutting him down, and black balling him in the fashion world. Insiders are saying that in order for the high society clothing companies to lift this “outcasting” from Kanye, he would have to apologize several times, and remain silence until this whole fiasco passes over.

Well it seems like that’s what Kanye is doing right now. Kanye has been in several interviews both on camera and radio apologizing about his remarks to Nike and other supposedly illuminati connected clothing companies, and has last year December 23, 2013 While performing in Toronto as a part of his Yeezus to said this ” “Everything I’m saying that’s not allowed, soak it in right now.

Kanye Said “This might be the last time y’all hear me talk sh*t for a long time. Might be another like six months. At least. You’re just gonna have to run back the [past] interviews and sh*t if you wanna hear some realness!” Most of you think that Kanye won’t last in silence, but as we have all seen, Kanye wants to be apart of the fashion world so bad, I think that he will remain silent for the sake of that.

What do you all think, is the Illuminati shutting Kanye down, or does he finally realize he is making an ass out of himself and now wants to tone things down?

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