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rap battle leagueOne of the things I like about hip hop is its many elements. Hip hop is a culture that is comprised of different elements such as brake dancing, djing, graffiti, and rapping. Under the rapping umbrella there is something called rap batting or freestyle battling.

This is when rappers “diss” each other to showcase their rhyming skills and build their reputation as the better mcee . There are many different forms of rap battling. You can battle with or without an instrumental playing in the background. You can have judges judge the event and pick a winner, or you can have no judges and just set up an event and let the mcees battle each other for the enjoyment of the audience.

One of the things I love about battle rapping is that it’s still a pure form of rapping. Now a days rap music has evolved into sounding more like pop/dance records. I have no problem with hip hop evolving this way, but I really enjoy hip hop in its raw form; with rappers rapping over hardcore underground beats, and battle rappers spewing out metaphors and similes in the form of a “punchline.”

The amazing thing is that more and more people are gravitating towards seeing more hip hop battles than ever before! One of the reasons for this I think is that real rap music fans want to hear rap in its purest form. Listening to rap music played on the radio or in the clubs can become mundane because they play the same 10 rap songs over and over again, while in a rap battle they can hear something new and innovative. The atmosphere at a rap battle event is always electric!

Below I have listed some of the top companies that host freestyle rap battle events. Some of them even sell rap battle dvd’s and well as hip hop clothing, so also be sure to check that out on their websites. If you really love hip hop music you should do yourself a favor and attend one of these events, I’m sure it will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Ultimate Rap League –
UW Rap Battle League –
King of The Dot –
Battle Rap Media –
Grind Time Now –
Queen of The Ring –
Rap Battle Network –

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