Five Elements That Make A Great Mixtape

Various_Artists_Brand_New_Hip_Hop_N_Rnb_2013_Vol-front-largeI have covered a lot of topics concerning mixtapes. Everything from How To Sell Thousands of Mixtapes to how to find a Rap Mixtape Designer that will create a mixtape cover for you. In today’s article I want to discuss the five elements that make a great mixtape.

I find that some of the mixtapes that rap artists are putting out now a days are sub par. I think that more effort needs to be put into the music. We need more substance and less fluff. Here are five elements you can add to ensure you build a great mixtape


Write Songs With Substance

We all know that there’s a lot of rap music out there that has no substance what so ever. There are more songs out there with a monotonous beat and catchy chorus than there are songs with meaning and substance. Yes you can create club songs, and even songs about hustling (if you’ve lived that life before.) But the problem is that most rappers don’t talk about anything else but cars, hoes, money, smoking loud, and jewelry. Where’s the substance? Where’s the balance?

If you examine music in general you will find that those who came with a gimmick and made songs without substance are no longer around, and the ones who have been putting out meaningful music have had a long prosperous career. That should tell you something!

mixtapedjsHire A DJ To Host The Mixtape

This is a crucial part in creating a good mixtape. I have listened to many mixtapes from up and coming artists that don’t have DJ’s hosting their mixtapes and it just sounds bland. Keep in mind that from a technical aspect a mixtape without a DJ is just an album. A DJ hosting a mixtape makes it an official mixtape.

A DJ is required to give it that feeling of a mixtape. Too much djing can hurt your mixtape and having too little can do the same. Make sure your dj has experience with hosting a couple of successful mixtapes before you consider hiring him/her. A DJ can also help you promote your mixtape to his fan base. It’s a good way to help push your music in order to have more success.

The Right Instrumentals

There are a lot of artist that have solid lyrics but they’re over shadowed by their poor choice of instrumentals. For me, and I’m sure many of you are like this, if you’re listening to a mixtape and the beats are not bangin or on point, you’ll immediately stop listening! So it’s wise that you choose the right beats to rap over. What you’re trying to do as an artist is enhance the listening experience so the listener can enjoy your music and as a result will become a long life fan that will support you by purchasing your music and attending your shows, and also by spreading the news about how dope you are.

Good Mixtape Cover Design

You may think that having a good mixtape cover design is not important, but it really is. Again, esthetics is import. It helps attract people to listen to your music. Crappy artwort gives off a signal that there is garbage music inside. This is just the perception that people have. It’s all about perception so keep that in mind when you’re getting your mixtape artwork done.

promoe-services-ad-11Promote Your Mixtape Everywhere!

This is the most important part of the whole process. You absolutely must know how you’re going to promote and market your mixtape way before you finish the project. You have to know your methods of promotion and already notify your music contact list on when you’re going to be dropping your mixtape, that way they can help build up a buzz weeks prior to your drop date.

Your mixtape will be a failure if it doesn’t get the right push. I mean all that money and time spent in the studio would be for nothing. You have to promote your mixtape effectively in order to get it heard by the masses. Only then will the effort you put into making your mixtape be worth worth it. So promote your mixtape on hip hop websites and blogs, music publications, mainstream radio, online radio, social media, email blasts etc. Do all that you can to get your music out there. You worked hard to make your mixtape a success, and it will be if you effectively promote it.

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