Make Instant Money From Free Downloads Of Your Music

download Free-MusicHey, hope you all are doing well? Today I want to give you some brief advice on a topic that has been thrown around for many years. This topic has been debated within the music industry for years and that is “Can You Make Money By Giving Away Your Music For Free?”

If you have read one of our previous articles entitled “Should New Rap Artists Give Away Their Mixtapes For Free?” You would have read how you can give away your mixtapes for free and still be able to benefit from it. Like wise, you can give away your singles and albums for free and benefit from it by collecting information and also making some money from it!

The new motto is “Give away free music” in order to spread awareness, gain more fans, and make up that money through sales of merchandise, music licensing, and touring. But giving away your music DOESN’T guarantee creating more fans! As an artist you should exercise all income avenues, because you never know when those royalty cheques are going to slow down. You’re several expenses you incur over the span of your music career and you’re going to need a continuous flow of income to meet those expenses and also pay for leisure activities. you want to make serious music but also relax and have fun once in a while.

I’m down for artists giving away a free single or track a track or two off of their mixtape for their fans to download. But I never think it’s a good idea to give away a full album or mixtape. I believe in giving your music away at a discount or giving your music away as long as your fans pay for merchandise or tickets to your show. Or you can even ask your fans to donate however much money they want in order to download your album. I have taught all the independent artists who seek advice from me to either give their music away for free along with a purchase of their merchandise or show tickets, or tell them to bundle their merchandise and tickets at a discount and give away their music for free as part of the package.

It’s never good business to give away a full body of work which cost money to build and create, and you get nothing in return. It costs money for studio time, art cover work, to hire a dj for your mixtape, travel fare or gas to get to the studio, buying your instrumentals etc. So why give away your music project for free?

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Again, in my opinion its good business to provide a product in exchange for money, it’s one of the major keys to survive financially¬† in the music industry. yes it’s about making your art and sharing it with the world, but no one says that you can’t make any money while doing that. your fans will respect you as much if you bundle your music & merchandise and sell it to them at a discount, the same as if you gave it to them for free looking to gain nothing financial from it. Be an artist but also be about your business!

And you wonder why so many independent artists don’t make any money??? This is why, they’ve been taught to give away everything for free!! Don’t try to gain exposure at the expense of not making any money. Set Up An Artist Website, drive traffic to that site¬† through social media, and give away that mixtape in exchange for your fans buying something else of yours.

That’s it. Good luck. Go out and make good music & money at the same time!

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