Can Dj’s Really Help You Sell Thousands of Mixtapes?

This article was mainly inspired by seeing some of the up and coming rappers struggle to get their mixtape exposure. In a previous article I mentioned that one of the ways to get massive exposure for your mixtape is to get featured on Top Hip Hop Mixtape Websites and Hip Hop Blogs, as well as get your songs played on the radio. In this article I will shortly discuss another effective way to give your mixtape massive exposure, and that is to get your mixtape hosted by a dj.

One of the things up and coming rap artist do is make a mixtape and upload it to or, or some other mixtape hosting website. Then they will go on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media website they’re registered to and spam their mixtape links. The truth is that people generally don’t click on music links sent to them from up and coming artists who have no clout or credibility. I know that you have experienced this yourself. As an artist you have sent out your mixtape for others to check out, and you get little to no response. Don’t get mad at that.

The problem is as I stated, you don’t have enough clout. Let me let you in on a little secret; if you gain credibility as an up and coming artist people will actually look for music from you instead of you chasing them down; asking them to click on your soundcloud or datpiff link. One of the ways you can gain credibility is to get a dj to host your mixtape. My advice is not to blow your money on hiring a famous dj, at least not until you make it big. You should start small with local dj’s who have a strong following.

This DJ will charge you way less than a famous DJ would for a feature because he is also on the come up. You can easily find these DJ’s online; they’re on almost every social media website marketing their dj services.
I have put together three main reasons why having a DJ host your mixtape is an incredible idea.

1) DJ Promotion

Every DJ that hosts your mixtape will help you promote it to their fans and followers. This is because every mixtape they host is their project as well, and they are excited to promote their new project, just like an artist would.

DJ’s for the most part will promotion of your mixtape, on all their social media pages, on mixtape websites and radio stations.



2) It Helps You Build Your Credibility

By getting your mixtape hosted by a DJ you’re building up your resume of people who you’ve worked with. Being in the industry and dealing with many record labels, I know for a fact that this is one of the things that music managers and record labels look for when considering signing an artist to their label. It’s also something music publications look for when deciding whether to feature you or not. Big music companies and media outlets want names, they want clout and credibility. The more names of credible DJ’s you can show you’ve worked with, the more interesting you will seem to music establishments.


3) DJ Connections

DJ’s are connected to music managers, record labels, media, radio, PR, and other prominent DJ’s. They will pull favors for those artists who they feel they have a strong relationship with. Asking favors from DJ’s who you have no relationship with won’t work.

As an up and coming artist you have to find a way to connect with a DJ and make him feel comfortable with you to the point where he would want to pass on your name to other valuable industry contacts. You need those contacts to propel your career and get you more exposure!

The DJ can help you career out in a tremendous way so find a way to get one on your mixtape so he can help push you. To all those rappers struggling to get downloads, and struggling to make money off of their mixtapes this is one of the solutions to turning that around. You need clout and credibility and hiring a dj to host your mixtape is a way to do that.
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