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I have been getting a lot of requests from artists and music enthusiasts to speak about Music Affiliate Programs, and music affiliate sites.

This is mainly because they are looking for extra ways to earn income. I have to say that finding a good music affiliate program to be apart of, and getting training on how to work that product, can allow you to potentially create a good steady stream of income for you. I am personally in three music affiliate programs and I earn on average $6,000 a month from them. And this took me several years, I have been with them for 8 years and have over a hundred affiliates under me, whom I am earning 2 and 3 tier income from.

I will explain more about Tier income later in this article. My journey has been a long and rewarding one, with many hiccups along the way, which made for great lessons to learn from and build myself up even bigger and better. I started making money about 7 months into it and just kept on going.

This article will answer the many questions I get about affiliate networks, how to find a legit one to enroll into, and how money is made from them. keep in mind this is geared towards artists and music enthusiasts who are seeking music affiliate programs.


So What Is An Affiliate Program Anyway?

An affiliate program is one of the most amazing and profitable ways to make money on the Web. How it works is that a webmaster creates a product or service and joins an affiliate marketing website, and showcases his content through that medium. Affiliates of that site choose to promote that product based on their interest in that product, or relevant to the content they showcase on their website. Affiliates place advertising banners and/or links of that product on their website, and when a visitor of that site clicks on the link and buys the product, they get a small commission off the sale.


How To Register To A Music Affiliate Company

There are two ways to register to a music affiliate program. The first way to register is through the company’s website. Usually the company who is selling the product has an affiliate registration link on their website. This is because they choose to host their own affiliate program under their brand and platform, rather than a third party site. To register to this type of music affiliate program you would have to go to the company’s website and look for a tab on their site that says “Affiliates” or “Affiliate Registration”. Follow the instructions on registration, and give it about 24-48 for them to accept you. Some company’s have it so you meet certain requirements before they accept you into their program. Not to worry these requirements are not hard to meet.

The second way to register to a music affiliate program is through a third party affiliate hosting site. These third party affiliate hosting sites, host affiliate programs for individuals and companies, and make it easy for people to register to them. Once you register follow the instruction on how get your affiliate ID and product link to promote.


How To Market Your Links

Music affiliate marketing is very important to your success. Once you are accepted into the program you are given access to promote a link with your affiliate ID attached to it. This way the company can track sales that are produced through the distribution of your link. There are many ways you can promote the music product. One of the ways is through your own website. You can set up a simple website with music content and add affiliate banners and links to it. You get paid whenever someone clicks through your banners or links and purchase the product. Another way you can market and promote the product is through social media. There is an art to promoting on social media. What you don’t want to do is spam your affiliate link on your timeline. That will annoy your followers and most likely get you blocked. You should Avoid These 4 Social Media Mistakes people make when promoting as an affiliate.


How Much Can You Get Paid

Affiliate programs can be very lucrative for those who really put forth the effort in promoting your affiliate links. They payout will vary from company to company. Some companies will pay out 50-75% while other will pay 20% or less. Again it all varies, the best thing to do is look at their compensation plan and go with one that suites your needs. Another benefit to affiliate marketing is that some programs have two, three, and even four tiers of payment. This means that you can get paid up to 4 levels deep off the efforts of those who you recruit under you.

This is not for every music affiliate program though, I only know of two music affiliate associations that do this. I am going to tell you what I tell everyone who pursues affiliate marketing. Your results are dependent on your effort. You will get paid based on your effort to wake up everyday and stat promoting the products. If you truly love music none of this will seem like work to you!


List Of The Top Affiliate Programs



The affiliate program provides a unique way for your website or app to link to millions of songs and thousands of apps as well as books, movies, TV shows and more, while earning commissions on qualifying sales. Apply now to join the program and earn commissions when you link to music, apps, books and more on iTunes, App Store, iBooks and the Mac App Store.

Itunes Program


Hip Hop Push Media

Hip Hop Push Media has one of the highest payout averages at 50%. They have had their affiliate program since 2008, and has paid over $413,000 in affiliate profits! They have their affiliate program hosted with long time partners at all you have to do is register to become a member at JVZOO. Then log in, and under the ‘Affiliates” tab click on “Find Product”. In the keyword search box type “Online Branding & Marketing For Hip Hop Artists”. Click get links and you’re all set to go. Your goal is to promote this link as best as you can.

Contact: for more info.



Join the TuneCore Affiliate Program and create greater value for your customers. By adding links to your website, your customers will connect directly to TuneCore so they can distribute their music and you can start earning your commission. Tunecore has a low payout percentage at 7%.

TuneCore Program



Do you have a web site, blog, or video channel where you share your love for entertainment or music?
If so, earn money with the Rhapsody Affiliate Program. It’s easy – for every signup you refer, you get paid. Rhapsody connects music fans to 18 million songs, ad-free, offline-online, original entertainment news, commentary, reviews, event coverage, and interviews.


Amazon MP3

Next up is The Amazon Associates program now offers more ways for you to earn referrals through its digital products. From the brand new launch of the MP3 widget to the Kindle Chicklet, there are many opportunities for Associates to earn up to 10% in referral fees! Our digital products are easy to use and can help you make the most out of your web property.

Amazon Program

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